Top 6 Must Have Android Apps of 2024

This video discusses five must-have Android apps of 2024, focusing on smartphone apps that are not commonly discussed. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for more diverse content.

Always whenever I tell you about any apps, I feel very happy because we try them, use them and then we send them to you. I am sending some five or six such apps to you which let me tell you one thing. Friends, I am going to tell you that it is for noise that will give you happiness, but first do one thing which will make us very happy,

Highlights Android Apps

  • 📲 True AI Stanning Wallpapers: Flagship-level wallpapers with AI capabilities.
  • 📲 Perplexity – Ask Anything :
  • 📲 Notcha launcher: A productivity app that helps users organize and access their important apps quickly.
  • 📲 Rewind Music Time Travel:
  • 📲 Swipefy for Spotify: A swipe file for Spotify, allowing users to easily switch tracks without navigating through the app.
  • 📲 YouTube Create
Android Apps

True AI Stunning Wallpapers

True AI Stunning Wallpapers

Generally we will tell you about the apps of Alright Wallpapers, we have told about different ones but this app, friends, is the first one whose name is True AI. Stunning Wallpapers Now yes, AI wallpapers have come in the flagship level price of ₹ 1 lakh but if

Are you using mid range or any other phone? Which phone has AI apps natively?

This is an app of AI wallpapers and they are stunning, whatever wallpapers it creates, in fact you may also have your own wallpaper and if you want to make its variation, you can do that too, that is, aesthetics colors. etc. It will keep the same but different wallpaper will create for you with the help of AI I will tell you what it

It is beautiful, the second thing I like very much about this app is that nowadays it has become second nature, we do not have to do this, it means you don’t have to browse, just swipe up and you will get a new wallpaper, so it is very user friendly, it has great wallpapers and also of AI. It is used and it is only 11mb, So it does not take much storage space etc. Amazing wallpapers, you need True A, you must try it,

Notcha launcher

Alright, this is the second one, it is great for productivity, you will also like it, its name is Notcha, it is basically a secondary lure and do you know what it does?

Whatever important apps you have or the apps you need,

keep them pinned near the notification bar at the top and you can access it like this and it does not take up much screen space and you can access all your applications quickly.

And yes, when you are not using it, friends, you have to just touch it, then that lame thing comes down, the app drawer comes and goes again and gets auto hidden, so basically find any app.

Swipefy for Spotify

Go back, go forward, forget all these things, that’s it, yes, this is what SwipeFi for will serve you according to the music you want, so if you are not very happy on Tinder, then you are not getting the match, friends.

Swipe up on this and you will definitely get the match and it will also make you happy. For music lovers, let me tell you a rewind, what it is for people like us who don’t know a little.

There are 90 kids etc. If I want the best song of 1965, 1970 or 1990, which was the most amazing song of 1991, then this is an app called Rewind Music Time Travel, this is the only app of 7 MB, friends, just select the year and then that. It will give you exactly the song which was most popular in that year and then your favorite music app weather it is

Or they always say that in our times, the music of our times and the songs are going to be known to you through rewind and now I am giving you an AI app which will be very beneficial for you.

Perplexity – Ask Anything :

Yes, Perplexity App, Perplexity, tell me four-five times. He had to pronounce it. Yes, Perplexity always becomes Perplexity. No, Perplexity is the name. Ask anything, he will answer it and GPT will answer in conversation style.

Anthropic uses cloud data and then whatever you ask him about anything, he will answer you. Obviously, GBT 4 and Cloud 2 is running in the background, so he has knowledge of everything, friends. Whatever is there on the internet, if you ask, even if it is not there on the internet, it will find it and give it to you, so it is basically an assistant to find anything, it is your encyclopedia, perplexity app.

YouTube Create

finally it is videos, friends, if you want to do video creation, video editing etc. then this is it.

There is a new app of 128 mb but essentially if you have to make short videos, long videos etc. and you have to do editing, cut, trim, add music etc. and some things like text etc.

you have to add voice overs etc auto. It also gives captions, so there are many such features in youtube2, essentially what is needed in youtube2 and all the same whether you make youtube1 or 25, you try this out and it is completely free of cost, in fact whatever apps I have told you,

these are There are many features which are available in premium apps, you get them free of cost and if you want something extra then you will have to pay.

The first app I mentioned about Wallpapers is completely free and has no ads. On top of that, this is the best app.

I like it, by the way, we test all the apps that we tell you, we tell you only if they are good, that is why download and try it with your eyes closed and which of these apps do you think is the best, do tell in the comment section below. Also tell us whether we should do more videos of games with such apps or not, we will decide on the basis of your comments.

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