Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000 December 2023

Alright friends, Today, I’m going to tell you about 5 Gadgets that you should definitely see & experience. We get 10-15-20 products every day & we test them. We only tell you what we like & we do actual testing.


Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000
Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000

The first product is being tested by My self, what’s this first product? So, this is a cleaning tool by PORTRONIX. You’re a cleaning freak! It’s a 20-in-1 tool.

So, we’ve seen 10-in-1, 5-in-1 & this is 20-in-1. But even after 20-in-1, what I like is that the design is damn cool. Generally, these things are of good quality.

Generally, it’s of very good quality. Ok, what all are there in this? Let’s talk about that. All of the cleaning tools that you require are there.

So, each one of them does things differently. For example, this one, very interestingly, what it does, & I’ll show you, is that you can clean your lens with it.

And then there are brushes, and Small clip that is used for cleaning the smaller areas. Ok, so the things inside the speaker.

And then you also have a cleaning liquid. So, if you want to clean, just spray & clean. And then you can do this also. Oh, there’s a big brush too! Very nicely & very good quality.

So, it’s a 20-in-1 cleaning brush., it has a secret compartment like Harry Potter, the door opens. it comes with a good quality, surprisingly! This is probably the best cleaning kit I’ve seen, for sure!

Gadgets#2 RGB Mouse Pad

Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000

This is an RGB mouse pad called Archer Tech Lab Quiver 200 Gaming Mousepad & that too ergonomic.

So, I shifted from this my old mouse pad to this. What difference i feel? The major difference is that it has good support for rest.

The support here is good for wrist pain, but it looks good too. It’s from Archer & you have multiple RGB lights which you like.

And it’s not soft, it’s tough. This is a no brainer! You just need to use a USB Type C wire. So you can use USB Type C.

But this is very nice! Your mouse is also very good! And what’s the warranty? It’s a 1 year warranty. So that’s also there. This is one of the best products again.

Gadgets#3 Racing Car Mouse

Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000

Generally, the quality isn’t that good. But this mouse looks good, it’s a Porsche 911 replica. But as a mouse, it’s ergonomic.

When you rest your palm, it’s very nice & it’s very colorful. Look at the front, there are headlights & tail lamps which light up.

And we used it. These aren’t that good, they don’t last long but the quality is good. And when you use it, you’ll actually come to know that it’s nice.

You’ve used it, how is it? The design is just like the 911, ergonomic. They do track & auto, so they need a car. It’s cost is a little high, but it’s worth it.

So if you want a different mouse, you can definitely look at that as well.

Gadgets#4 Rabbit Night Light

Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000

Look at this! You can keep it on your side table at night. There are 3 levels, you just have to touch it. You can even touch the light & it works well.

It has a 30s timer, so you just need the light for a while. You can do that, but I’ll tell you what, this looks beautiful. And if you look at the durability, it’s very soft.

Even in hand, you feel good. So friends, if you like comic cats & animals, you’ll definitely like this. The next product isn’t that cute, but it’s very useful.

Gadgets#5 Wireless Charging Stand

Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets of Under Rs.1000

This Gadgets looks nice, Not only wireless charging, it has a clock, alarm & a torch light at the back. There’s a torch light too. How many watts does it charge? It charges at 15W, so you can keep it on your table. And there you go, it starts charging.

It’s made by embrane, so the quality is good. On it’s back you have a torch light. So if there’s no light at night, you can use it as a torch light. And it’s quite bright, there are 2 levels of brightness, 1 & 2. And it’s very bright at night.

So these were the 5 products that I think many people will like. We’ve tested them, the quality is good & the cost is good too. These are value for money products.

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