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Gareth Edwards is back with the new original sci-fi film called The Creator that’s Gareth Edwards is the one who make Godzilla and Rogue in this film the Creator is from director Gareth Edwards his first feature since Roguene a Star Wars story back in 2016 Edwards co-wrote the screenplay with Chris whites a credited writer on Rogue one and an Oscar nominee for the film about a boy holy original movies are few and far between especially.

The Creator


DirectorGareth Edwards
WritersGareth Edwards,Chris Weitz
StarsJohn David Washington,Madeleine Yuna Voyles,Gemma Chan
Production20th Century Studios,New Regency Productions,Entertainment One
Run time2 hours 13 minutes

The Creator Film

when you look at the top 25 films of all time domestically there are still only two movies that pass that barrier Avatar and 1977 Star Wars and now more than never it really is a risk because there’s no IP there’s no audience Good will to bank on for a studio to invest in a movie like The Creator they really are taking a leap and I worry as I look at the roll out of this film that.

The Creator for these reasons may be a financial disappointment and if that does turn out to be true then it’s going to be a real shame because it is certainly not a creative disappointment I am a sucker for good science fiction and the Creator is one of the best pure science fiction films this Century yes I said it Rogue one may not have been the best creative experience for Gareth Edwards as a director but you can see what he brought to Star Wars and not the other way around he’s panning on a similar canvas here but with a fraction of the resources that he had over at lucasfilm.

Beautiful Film With Cinematography The Creator

You’d never be able to tell the Creator is a stunningly beautiful film with cinematography from Dune and the Batman’s Greg Fraser and relative newcomer Oren Soffer these images are complemented by some remarkable special effects that look as good or often even better than what we see in movies with two or three times this film’s budget the scope of what is done here and the quality of that work at the budget point which again is reportedly around 80 million dollars is as much of an expose on the waste of big Studio movies as any kind of article and deadline or The Hollywood Reporter.

It puts these movies literally to shame these 200 250 million dollar movies when you look at the effects on a movie like Ant-Man put those special effects up against the special effects in the Creator and you tell me which movie had the bigger budget it’s not always about the size of the budget it’s how it’s used and the Creator from what it appears to be unless there’s some extra budget money that they’re hiding away somewhere has one of the best uses of its budget of any movie that I can think of in a very long time

Joshua Main Character

John David Washington plays Joshua a special government operative who’s called back to Duty after a tragedy in order to find a secret weapon being developed by Humanity’s enemy artificial intelligence which years before carried out a devastating attack on Los Angeles when Joshua finds the weapon it turns out to be a young AI girl named Alfie and despite her destructive potential Joshua begins to feel protective of Alfie and to question

The real nature of humanity and what it means to be alive we’ve seen shades of stories like this before but it starts with the performances and John David Washington is a strong lead grappling with his own past and inner turmoil about the mission that he has been asked to accomplish.

Young New Actress Madeleine univ Voyles

He’s paired with a young actress named named Madeleine univ Voyles in her first on-screen performance and again at the risk of sounding hyperbolic this is one of the best performances from a young actor particularly an actor that is not experienced and hasn’t been in Show Business already for years and years that I can remember maybe ever Voyles commands the screen and her character from the first moment and as the movie goes on.

She gradually shifts the emotional burden of the film onto herself right up to the movies last frame there isn’t one single second of kid acting or unreality she brings an experience and a wisdom to her role that far exceeds the abilities of so many young actors even good ones this performance will most assuredly be on my short list when I’m thinking about my favorite performances at the end of this year the rest of the cast is also stacked.

Jimmy Chan as Joshua’s wife

Talented actors Jimmy Chan plays a critical role as Joshua’s wife Maya Ken Watanabe comes in to lend gravitas to the movie as he is often tasked with doing and Allison Janney ditches all of her inherent like ability to play one of the most abjectly hate able villains that I’ve seen in a movie in a very long time I had no idea that the actress that brought us CJ Craig was capable of such on-screen depravity the Creator feels like a throwback to the time in Hollywood when you could sell a movie on concept alone.

I think that for people that give it a chance you’re going to be rewarded with a little bit of everything there’s some great high-minded thinky sci-fi there’s some incredibly executed and choreographed action scenes uniformly Stellar performances from the cast genuine emotion excitement humor spectacle it’s the kind of movie I think would have been a big hit in 1993 or maybe even in 2003 but when we look at the theatrical Marketplace of 2023 I worry that there’s just not going to be enough support for it.

Marketplace needs a movie like this with movies like Challengers and dune being pushed off the schedule it really is kind of a wasteland out there I think people are looking for an option for a reason to go to the movies and I think that for the people who show up to see the Creator they’re going to be rewarded and I hope that they tell their friends maybe it has a chance to be a word of mouth hit I’m definitely going to be seeing it again because I can think of four or five scenes right off the top of my head.

The Creator exciting or emotional

I’m excited to experience again in a theatre not just because they’re exciting or emotional but because they are uniquely exciting and emotional they are specific to these characters and this movie and that is the Hallmark really of a story well told I love how the AI and the machines are designed and executed in the movie many of them having taken on partial human form to replicate their creators and in a lesser movie they would have just been the faceless bad guys the humanity versus the machines.

Human vs Ai War The Creator film

In The Creator film of course it’s all much deeper than that and the way that they deal with this AI human War there’s a whole scene where it’s brought up and kind of addressed just in a way that I didn’t really see coming and in a way that some people might say like well that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense or maybe that’s anticlimactic but it works again because it’s specific to this story and you realize as you go on that it really isn’t about this global conflict that’s happening it’s about this personal conflict.

Between this small group of characters and the movie works on that scale and also on the big action scale there is the conspiracy theorist part of me however that does think it’s a bit suspicious that a movie is coming out right now from a major Studio a studio owned by Disney no less that’s about how AI is more likeable and more human than the threat that we all think that it is hmm of course the elephant in the room here is this movie’s similarity in some respects to Star Wars and there are some parallels that you can draw.

Giant Floating Space in The Creator

Giant floating space base in the film that is able to Target things on the ground and Rain destruction from above in this movie it’s called Nomad but I don’t really think that the characters in the film would have been out of line if they had nicknamed it the Death Star but I think it speaks to the ability of Gareth Edwards and his actors to carve out a unique voice for these characters that this movie doesn’t feel like a retreat of Star Wars or of other movies that it shares a similarity.

The Creator My Favourite Movie so far

George Lucas reinvented the tropes of the hero’s journey and story beats that have been around for so many times before to craft Star Wars Gareth Edwards is recrafting our current cinematic language to tell his own unique and affecting story if this sounds like a rave review well it is and I’m not saying that this is going to be my favourite movie of the year so far but it is one of my favourites so far this year and for perhaps the most refreshingly original movie I’ve seen in 2023 the Creator is an incredibly.

Effective use of all the tools that a modern filmmaker has at hand in order to craft an epic sci-fi Vision in the tradition of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner dennyville news arrival Alfonso quran’s Children of Men and Alex Garland’s ex machina to name a few I’m not saying that the Creator measures up to all of those movies or that it’s as great as all of those movies.

Give This Movie a Shot And Watch it The Creator

If You really want some movie with ai technology and stuff you have to watch the creator it simply amazing and i want all of you to watch the movie thanks.

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