iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Best Review

Today we will Compare iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Review without wasting your time lets start it.

Front facing Camera Video Comparison of iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera:

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Video
iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

what’s up everybody this is BBCTV and today it’s that time iPhone 15 Pro Max versus the Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra so this is one of the first camera comparisons coming up where I want to test the new 5x zoom on the new iPhone 15 Pro Max versus the 10x Optical on the s23 ultra I know it’s not fair but I just want to see how the new iPhone Stacks up against the s23 ultra let’s do this.

Daytime Photos and Zoom of iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

I’m so glad I’m in New York City this week this is the perfect place to test a new 5x lens on the iPhone 15 ProMax jumping right into it a lot of these images will be personal preference based but I’m glad to see apple cut back on the sharpening some when you punch in just look at how over sharpened the s23 ultra looks.

In comparison this could be because the new 24 megapixel output meaning from the 48 megapixel sensor.

So if you like that look you’re going to side with the s23 ultra and there’s nothing wrong with that I’m just here to guide you on the differences to make your best mining decision they both have 12 megapixel.

Ultra wide lenses maybe a touch wider on the s23 ultra again brighter on the highlights on the Samsung which is their Best looks With the Lot of Color full vibrancies on the Plants Leaves, They stand out on the Samsung but here on the other hand it has a good look into the process, while iPhone is less sharpened and keep possession of more detail.

Here’s the s23’s first choice of zoom and that is the 3x where the iPhone now has a 2X crop top option and that is also 24 megapixels by the way here’s a new 5x zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro Max in that Infamous 10x optical zoom on the s23 ultra so cool to have that in your pocket.

Since the Rangers really don’t match up what I wanted to do is test the zoom equally digital or not and then when you zoom into this you can see what that 24 megapixel output is doing look at the details on the brick and the building here on the side that is impressive here is the 2x versus 3x Zoom.

When punching in here you can see that the 3x telephoto does a better job of bringing out the details on the s23 ultra which is interesting then here’s the 5x optical zoom on the iPhone and 5x digital zoom on the s23 ultra this is self-explanatory you can see that the image is not as detailed and a little muddy exactly what we expected from digital zoom and then here’s the 10x Optical on the s23 ultra and 10x digital on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.

I can not be convinced by how well the iPhone been keeping up to this, since I was in the area I thought I would jump on the Staten Island Ferry this is Free by the way man what a difference in color replication though the iPhone in this case was the more accurate one if you care there’s a shot of Governor’s island with the 3x and 2x.

They both look pretty much the same as the main there is the 5x with both of them and besides the sharpening the Samsung did pretty good there is the 10x Zoom comparison of course better on the ultra but not horrible at all on the iPhone and 30X zoom on the s23 ultra not something that you would use every day.

It’s cool to have what I was really here for was to snap the Statue of Liberty and here you can see the differences in lens flaring both there but more noticeable on the iPhone on the first tele-photo Choice surprised to see some purple flaring here on the Samsung a nice Green Dot on the iPhone here is the 10x and the 5x Optical cameras again the Rendering process are so different when it came for colors and here is the 10-x digital zoom to catch up the iPhone next level 30-X Zoom versus the 25-X max zoom on the iPhone as expected the Samsung is much more usable they’re both noisy but the iPhones is worse and again that 100 times Zoom.

Here’s the one I took of the 3x versus the 5x on the zoom and that vibrancy looks nice on the s23 ultra but I appreciate the accuracy of the iPhone as well punching in here here’s the detail difference between these two lenses the 10x optical zoom is where you really win with the s23 ultra in situations like this lots of details the iPhone is a little muddier and washed out but again I expected much worse if you are picking up an iPhone 15 Pro Max for the zoom.

If you want to go beyond the 5x Optical I will stick to the 10x digital I think that is about as far as you should go.

Daytime Video comparison

While I was on the ferry I wanted to test video I thought this would be a good way to test the handheld stabilization.

Also you can check how smooth the transitions are too when switching to the zoom lenses the iPhone does appear to have better stabilization here and I thought that might be due to the new sensor shift stabilization.

Then I realized that the movements are a little more exaggerated on the 10x because the video was so zoomed in they are both picking up the natural movement of the boat the s23 ultra is a little jerkier.

when switching to the 10x Zoom but if you want this type of reach with this amount of detail during the day then the s23 ultra camera is for you if you just want an example of the full range on video then here you go there is the 3x versus the 2x zoom on the first choice and daytime video looks great on both of these it’s going to be preference on which one that you like.

I zoom into 10-X on the Samsung S 23 ultra and then 5-X on Apply iPhone 15 pro max And Subtracted the (F-L) difference, I Might Say the video looks Better on Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max,

Sunset and 5X Portrait Mode

Sunset on these giants was like a movie Shoot, the colors were unbelievable, So that was a best way to test dynamic range of these 2 cameras that have very different Rendering process.

As you see Sun is in the middle of the photo of these two pictures, but the D-Range is more fantastic on both the 10x and 5x were.

What I was absolutely Blown Away by is the portrait mode on the 5x camera on the iPhone 15Pro Max and this gave me that 120 millimeter focal length equivalent which I didn’t appreciate until I just started taking photos out in this scenery this is a perfect focal length for distance street photography.

Samsung s23 Ultra also done Best job with Portraite mode As well but this 5x lens really blew meaway when it comes to portrait mode shots so let me know if you agree here’s a great example a photo:

Skin tone itself is personal preference and they both look great but if you punch into the image and look into the detail on his shirt and the exposure there is a huge difference here then let’s move on to the 5x portrait shot and wow that looks absolutely incredible.

Beautiful Bokeh Mode Works in the background incredible detail on his face and again punch in and that detail difference is very noticeable so that processing this year has definitely stepped up so if camera is number one on your priority list and you’re an iPhone user then this is the reason to get the pro Max the distance it triggers portrait mode.

Comparing Night Photography: Samsung S23 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max

Introduction: Capturing the Night in Exceptional Detail

The battle of the smartphones in the realm of night photography continues, and this time, we pit the Samsung S23 Ultra against the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Both these devices boast powerful cameras, but how well do they perform in low light conditions? Join us as we delve into the nuances of their night photography capabilities.

Main Lenses: A Close Encounter

Samsung S23 Ultra:

The S23 Ultra’s main lenses have always been on point, delivering sharp and clear images even in low light. However, the 3x lens struggles without night mode, appearing a bit muddy. On the other hand, the 5x lens tends to get noisy in the iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro Max:

While the iPhone attempts to capture the variance in brightness with neon lights, the S23 Ultra blends the colors seamlessly, offering a different visual experience. However, the iPhone shines with its 5x lens, especially when night mode is activated, producing impressive results.

2. Zooming In: A Closer Look

Samsung S23 Ultra:

The S23 Ultra encounters issues at 10x, often resulting in blurry images at night. However, at 5x, it manages to maintain detail, especially when night mode is enabled.

iPhone 15 Pro Max:

The iPhone’s 5x lens surprises with its clarity, even though it tends to be noisy without night mode. Comparing the 3x and 5x shots with the S23 Ultra, the iPhone retains brick detail better, showcasing a distinct difference.

3. Video Capabilities: Handling Low Light

Samsung S23 Ultra:

In moderate low light, the S23 Ultra produces vibrant and sharp videos, especially at 3x. The 5x Zoom, despite contrast differences, performs reasonably well in low light scenarios.

iPhone 15 Pro Max:

The iPhone handles bright lights better, showing higher dynamic range. However, it struggles in extremely bright light sources. Interestingly, the iPhone’s 5x Zoom offers surprisingly good results, reducing noise and maintaining steadiness.

Some Final Test Results

1. The Power of Zoom: A Closer Look

Samsung S23 Ultra: The S23 Ultra’s 5x lens impresses with its clarity but exhibits noise in low light conditions. While the 10x zoom provides excellent quality, it struggles with stabilization, making it challenging for handheld videos.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: The iPhone’s 5x lens captures detailed shots, but noise can be an issue without night mode. The 10x zoom doesn’t fare well in low light, and stabilization is a concern. Both devices have their strengths and weaknesses in the zoom department.

2. Night Mode Wonders: Portrait Photography

Samsung S23 Ultra: The S23 Ultra’s 5x portrait mode shines brightly, capturing impressive details and bouquet effects. However, the absence of night mode for this lens hampers its potential, leaving room for improvement in edge detection.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: The iPhone’s night mode enhances its 5x portrait lens, producing stunning pictures with improved edge detection. While it exhibits some inconsistencies, the overall results are impressive, making it a contender in portrait photography during the night.

3. Video Performance: Illuminating the Darkness

Samsung S23 Ultra: In moderate low light, the S23 Ultra handles bright lights effectively, showcasing higher dynamic range. However, it tends to pick up excessive red hues, impacting color accuracy. Despite color tweaking, its video performance at night is commendable.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: The iPhone struggles with handling bright light sources in low light conditions, affecting color balance. The 5x camera’s sensor size advantage enables better light equalization, resulting in a more balanced video output. While stabilization is an issue in high zoom levels, it performs well in standard handheld videos.

Conclusion: The Verdict on Night Photography

Both smartphones have their strengths and weaknesses in night photography. The S23 Ultra excels in its main and zoom lenses, offering excellent detail, but it struggles with some color blending. The iPhone, on the other hand, impresses with its 5x lens and video capabilities, although noise can be a concern.

In the end, the choice between the Samsung S23 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max for night photography depends on personal preferences. Each device brings something unique to the table, ensuring that users can capture the night in their own distinct way.

Both the Samsung S23 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max bring their unique strengths to the table in night photography. The S23 Ultra’s powerful zoom capabilities offer unmatched clarity, but issues with noise and stabilization persist. The iPhone, on the other hand, excels in portrait photography, especially with its night mode-enabled 5x lens, providing impressive edge detection and bokeh effects.

Ultimately, the choice between the S23 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max for night photography depends on your specific requirements. If zoom versatility is your priority, the S23 Ultra offers unparalleled options, albeit with some compromises. Alternatively, if portrait photography in low light is your focus, the iPhone shines brightly, delivering exceptional results.

As the battle between these smartphones rages on, photographers have the opportunity to explore their unique features and quirks, enabling them to capture the beauty of the night in their preferred style. Each device brings its distinctive flavor to the world of night photography, inviting users to experiment, innovate, and create stunning visuals under the enchanting veil of darkness.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

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